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Three Signs You're Ready for a Color Consultant

I asked a paint contractor once, "what color do your clients request most for exterior painting?" He said, "Mostly, they just ask me to paint it the same color."  What?! Turns out, people often find it more painful to go through the process of choosing new paint colors that might turn out badly, then to stick with the original colors they already know they don't like. Given that most of us paint our houses just once every decade or two, that's crazy! The price tag of a nice paint job is a sizable investment, but the cost of staring at the same sad siding color for another ten years, or patching your house with 30 paint swatches only to end up overwhelmed and defeated,...

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New Workshops Announced this week!

A client once told me that she always felt like she had to apologize when guests came over. She loved her home but didn't know how to make it feel better.If you're feeling insecure or unsatisfied by the way it feels to live in your home, here's your chance this year to change that: HUE 1: Using Color to Create a Space you Love at Neighbor's Corner in San Francisco on Sunday, March 6th 499 Douglass Street @ 21st Street San Francisco CA 94114 In this interactive workshop, HUE 1, you'll learn how to use a paint deck, read a color wheel and discover three classic color palettes that you can personalize for your home. "I worried my husband would...

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Go To The Dark Side

    So you'd love to try painting some dark colors in your home. What are you afraid of? You room will look too small? Too dark? Too dreary?     It's true, dark walls can do all of those things to a room. But they can also be elegant, cozy, dynamic and inviting. The key to choosing dark colors for your walls is to choose deep complex colors that make your feel happy to be there and make everything else in the room look more amazing.    Decorating with complementary colors like these orange accessories against deep sea blue walls gives this powder room a luxurious and elegant feel even though the accessories are relatively inexpensive.     Using...

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Colors in the City Berlin

[caption id="attachment_167" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="My Paul McCartney impression outside of Berlin's famous prop shop"][/caption] I didn’t really have any expectations for my visit to Berlin so it was a treat to find such diversity, color and creativity in this gritty, energetic city flashing with hot 80's pink, new leaf green, spray paint silver, muted brown grays, and setting sun yellows. [caption id="attachment_169" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Sometimes gritty, sometimes gorgeous- Graffiti is everywhere"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_171" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="All of the trees were burgeoning with fresh new leaves"][/caption]

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