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Why I started sleeping in... (there's a discount code in this article!)

Thank goodness for Instagram! Otherwise, how would I have discovered the most perfect sheets ever made?! I found Perfect Linens at @perfectlinens a few months ago and now, here I am setting up a whole photo shoot just to show you how much I love them. It's hard to imagine such beautiful bed linens coming through this laboratory, but this is exactly where Perfect Linens tests the finest fabrics in the world for their strength, suppleness, durability, texture... Nothing gets past these people, they only choose the finest.  And when you look up close, or better yet, climb into these wonderful sheets, you realize why they call themselves Perfect Linens. They are without a doubt the most comfy wonderful linens I've...

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Color in the City, Iceland: Rooms Inspired by the View

Something about this photo resonates deep inside me, makes me want to go to this beautiful place, experience this kind of quiet in a landscape that must often be assaulting and rough. But how do I turn inspiration into art? How to you translate an image like this into a room design? I get asked this all the time. I'm not sure I can describe such a fluid process very succinctly, but here's a rough idea of how my thoughts move from the image or view to a tangible translation. I start by trying to understand what it is about an image, a view, a moment that impresses me; the colors? contrasting shapes? the texture? Then, knowing that there isn't...

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4 Signs You're Ready to Decorate

I get asked all the time about the rules for decorating, "can I put two different reds next to each other on the sofa?", " can I use modern chairs with my old table?", and "how do you know know what goes together?" Like many things, interior design isn't as much about rules, as knowledge, curiosity, and confidence. Looking at your room with fresh perspective will start you on your way to creating a beautiful new room. Here are four signs you know you're ready to decorate: 1. You look for art you really love- not decorative pieces that match your curtains or the trendy 'it' thing that's in all the stores, but art that resonates with or impresses you...

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Have I mentioned How Much I love my Tools?

This is not a paid post- I just have to shout out for the tools that make my work easier, better, tidier (is that a word?). I already used Shur-Line's mini rag rollers for my decorative painting business before Hosting Fresh Coat then becoming Shur-Line's spokesperson (2007-2010; a great run!) and a huge fan of their brushes and teflon coated trays. My favorite brushes are 1 1/2" square and angle. (Thank you, Paul and Shur-Line team) And I can't live without Fits-All Paint Can Spout (see the yellow and blue plastic thingies at the back of the counter?). I've used these for years to keep paint cans clean which keeps the paint fresh longer and the mess to a minimum....

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A Day in the Life... of my Dining Room

I had some friends over for a pancake brunch yesterday. Some were here for the first time, others were doing the usual, walking through my house to see what has changed since the last time they were here. We calculated that I've painted my dining room 8- yes, eight times since I moved here 6 years ago! Here's what my dining room looked like the day I moved in...   My dining room for an emergency makeover on Fresh Coat (sorry the picture is so bad!) Soon after, CertaPro Painters (thank you, Adrienne!) painted my living and dining rooms in exchange for a photo shoot of my space (they're the best!). THEN Apartment Therapy saw pictures of my bedroom and bathroom...

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