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Oh Say Can You See!

I'd never suggest you do this to your house (not ever). But I do think it's cool that someone had the idea, the courage, the creativity, the tenacity... I'm totally up for a little patriotism, just not quite this bold. Here's how I would do it: I was just in Pennsylvania working on a makeover project for CertaPro Painters (can't wait to show you!)... We drove past this house on the way to a vintage shop and I screeched, "Stop the car! I need a picture of that!!" I mean, seriously, have you ever seen a house like this? Or windows like this? And how is it that this star spangled dwelling has gone so unattended? I jumped out of...

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Urban Wildlife Color Palette

A few months ago I started walking in the morning. I needed to get outside, needed to clear my mind, needed to get moving again. I headed out the first day, charted my course, and after a 30-day challenge of walking every day (I walked 26 days out of 30- not bad!), I've settled into a routine of trompin' through my neighborhood about 3-4 days a week and taking in a weekend hike whenever possible. [caption id="attachment_2110" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Here I am just about to start my 30-day walking extravaganza"][/caption] I dreaded walking at first- I still mourn the sites and sounds of San Francisco and the walks I used to chart in my favorite city. The Palace of Fine...

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The Beauty of Dirty Work: painting my bookshelves...again

Things are coming along in my living room and I'm starting to see the finish line! This weekend, I painted the rest of my bookshelves. My goal was to show off my book collection without distracting from the graphics I painted on the walls above them. Of course, I rarely just paint a piece. I also had to employ my handy dandy wood grain rocker to give these simple boxes some texture. Now, Faux Bois (fohw bwah) is the real art of creating wood grain finishes. They can be detailed and magnificent, and there are many tools that artists employ to achieve these effects. The rocker is definitely one of them, but I just use it when I want to...

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