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GOOD FORTUNE: another collection to make you smile

I started designing these pillows as gifts for my friends... But, they've been making their way into my work, like this photoshoot of my house for Apartment Therapy... and this set for the videos I produced, painted and hosted for DIY Network last summer... So... I'm creating a new collection! GOOD FORTUNE a happy and eclectic mix starting with these prototype pillows I'm offering on my site right now (click this image to shop) I'm developing an even higher-end version with brand new fortunes and embroidery (and a little licensing partnership I can't wait to share with you). Pick up these prototype fortune cookie fortunes now because: A. I'm offering them below than wholesale price! B. once their gone, they'll...

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One Color, Infinite Ideas

It's been a spooky warm winter here in the San Francisco Bay Area and I for one feel parched (must be my Oregonian blood)... But it's raining today! [caption id="attachment_5122" align="aligncenter" width="338" caption="Local photographer, Kurt Rogers, captures San Francisco so beautifully"][/caption] Ahhhh, feels like I'm standing by the sink drinking a full glass of water from the faucet in one gulp knowing I'll fill my cup again as soon as the last drop hits my throat. Californians aren't known for embracing this weather (you'd think the occasional change in climate would be welcome here!). They call it dreary. But I see colors come to life and textures jump to the foreground... somehow perspective even seems to get deeper... I love...

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Making Room for More- Decorating with Books

[caption id="attachment_1852" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Even back in the day, when most of my work was decorative painting, I really enjoyed transforming rooms AND my clients' views of their homes."][/caption] I started blogging because I saw so much success helping my clients transform their lives by designing spaces to support their goals and intentions. I wanted to share my enthusiasm for  empowering people to celebrate their homes and appreciate their things in a new light. I was nervous to talk about my own personal struggles because it seemed unprofessional and well- really personal! But I decided to open up and write about my desire to bring more positive people into my home and life. I didn't really appreciate my home and...

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