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My Village People- part 2

For all of you who run your own business, you know this moment: You want this big project; this amazing client. So, you make the calls, do the sales pitch, negotiate the contract, re-work the bid, even picture yourself doing it... and then you get it- you get the project! You celebrate! You feel special! Even a little giddy... And then it hits you... you've gotta lot of work to do. How will you ever get it done? Finally, you gather your energy,  your courage and you rally. Let's do this!!!! That's exactly what happened when DIY Network called wanting videos of fresh how-to paint projects. But I caught my breathe pretty quickly because I have a fearless posse: Stephanie...

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I, uh, Should've Ordered That!

My mom will probably grimace when she reads this, and it's probably one of those had-to-be-there kinda moments too, but a long long time ago on a road trip to Utah (I believe), we pulled over for some breakfast at Denny's. After hours of driving with 5 kids in the car, we were all punchy and I'm sure my mom was exhausted. For some reason (I have no idea why except that three of us were teenagers, which, usually explains it) we couldn't stop laughing at Mom (it must be so much fun to be her sometimes). Every thing she said was funny at that moment. She ordered, "legs, uh, I mean eggs, with that" (we roared!) and then "Oh...

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Willa Home Photo Shoot

Recently, I teamed up with AnneMarie, owner of Willa Home in Burlingame, a gorgeous shop laden with vintage furniture and paintings, artisan jewelry, soaps and candles, fresh linens, and beautiful dishware. Working together with her faithful employee Katie, and photographer Lana McNaughten, we spent the day creating beautiful vignettes. The new site isn't quite up yet, but I thought you'd enjoy some action shots and a sneak peak at some of the photos you'll see when her site goes live. We made a great team. But even better then these photos would be a visit to her adorable store. I bought my sofa from her just in time for my Apartment Therapy shoot!

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