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Made me smile...

I'll admit it, I wasn't in a great mood yesterday morning. I had a nice text exchange with my sister and went on a beautiful walk with my sweetheart. Still, I was worried about a bunch of things I've been working on that weren't falling into place... the way I'd like them to anyway.
So, I drove over to my friend's coffee shop, Neighbor's Corner in Diamond Heights/Eureka Valley, a gorgeously sunny neighborhood in San Francisco that I knew would cheer me up.
As I parked my car, I noticed this quirky tile pattern on a tiny little storefront.. that made me smile.
Then I saw this amazing little gingerbread cottage- a throw back to early San Francisco.
I felt the sun warm my face.
My friends and I have been working on co-hosting some events together, so I was happy to see the poster for my workshops in their window...
...and the postcards inside.
I feel so at home in this shop. The exquisite selections of honey...
and drinks, and salad, and yes, coffee... what was I worried about?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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