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New Workshops Announced this week!

A client once told me that she always felt like she had to apologize when guests came over. She loved her home but didn't know how to make it feel better.

If you're feeling insecure or unsatisfied by the way it feels to live in your home, here's your chance this year to change that:

at Neighbor's Corner in San Francisco on Sunday, March 6th
499 Douglass Street @ 21st Street
San Francisco CA 94114
In this interactive workshop, HUE 1, you'll learn how to use a paint deck, read a color wheel and discover three classic color palettes that you can personalize for your home.

"I worried my husband would think the ideas I brought home were crazy, but we made all the changes and my family loves it!" -AJ
at Neighbor's Corner in San Francisco on Sunday March 20th
499 Douglass Street @ 21st Street
San Francisco CA 94114

My brand new workshop! HUE 2 helps you bring neutral color schemes to life and understand materials like, wood and metallics, as colors so you can make them look amazing in your home.

"I wouldn't have thought to lay the hardwood floor in that direction. I'm so glad I listened to you." -HB
Neighbor's Corner is San Francisco's newest, most beautiful and modern shop where coffee, sweets, frozen custard, fresh flowers sold in a snug, stylish space with big windows. Join us here for high tea, refreshments and all the tools you'll need to create rooms you love with color so you'll never have to apologize again. Go to Neighbor's Corner website to book your seats today and discover more of their wonderful upcoming events. Workshops are $55 each.
Remember my embarrassed client? She called me on her way to work after the dinner she and her husband hosted as soon as our color and styling project was complete...

"My husband stood up at our dinner party and toasted me for 'our beautiful home'. I was so shocked, I didn't know what to say! I couldn't wait to tell you that. Thank you, Shannon" 

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