Take the House or the Money- What Would You Do?

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this- only one other person knows this- every year I enter the Marin Dream House Raffle. There. I said it out loud.

Oh sure, I probably have better chances of winning a cake walk...

[caption id="attachment_2257" align="aligncenter" width="427" caption="Love the pics on Flickr by Islands' Sounder of this cake walk"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2258" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="This little winner is picking out his prize- too cute!"][/caption]

But first, I'd have to find a cake walk and then there's all that walking- I've got bigger plans...

Even when my pocket book is really really thin, I enter this raffle because my ticket purchase benefits Community Action Marin, which provides transformative services for low-income families. And the possibility of winning also gets me thinking in big, broad, change of life options I might otherwise disregard as crazy thinking!

Why not dream big? Why not think about what you really want and imagine it happening? I don't think these prizes will make your happy, but I do think that considering possibilities beyond today's present moment can generate creative energy about what you could be doing with your life. That alone is a pretty cool prize.

I realize that telling you about this raffle might lower my chances of winning (they only sell 30,000 tix :-)

But, I'll take the risk for the fun of fantasizing together... SO, if you won the Dream House Raffle or some other "major award", tell me, What Would You Do?! I'd love to hear your ideas and dreams!

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I enter the raffle every year as well. I would always opt for the money, and we would buy our own home. We have no interest in a huge home or an overvalued home with property taxes to match. We want to keep our cost of living as low as it can be, as that increases our comfort level exponentially. We do not currently own a home, and the only way we ever will own a home is if we are able to pay outright for it.


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