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Shannon Kaye's home and art studio are in San Francisco, California where she works with clients across the country and internationally on color consulting projects, art

commissions and textile and stencil designs. Shannon is also a television host with shows to her credit like Fresh Coat on the DIY Network, and Southern Living on PorticoTV, which reached over 25 million viewers per week. She cares deeply about the home environment and helping people look good and feel good where they live.

Contact Shannon for color and art services, television and radio interviews, and public speaking appearances. 650 787-7405 or

at{mine}- her favorite place to post her own perpetual home projects
Instagram- rogress and inspirational color and homes
Chairish- select vintage pieces available here

"At the party last night, my husband toasted me and our beautiful house. That's never happened before. I couldn't wait to call you!" -AC